The company supplies drinking water to residents of Vilnius, Šalčininkai, Švenčionys and Vilnius districts, manages and operates the water and sewage pipelines used for this purpose.

More than 250,000 customers are supplied with underground water from wells up to 180 meters deep. Customers are served about 90 thousand cubic meters of clear and pure water per day.

„All suppliers promise everything under the sun, but the reality is sometimes disappointing. In the case of installing a data analytics system, we obtained more than we expected.

 - Artūras Miniotas, Analyst-Engineer of Energy Processes at UAB Vilniaus Vandenys


  • Business data are collected in several different data sources
  • Procedures are complex: data collection, combining and processing was a lengthy and cumbersome procedure, requiring a lot of time and resources
  • Data analysis tools are inefficient and rigid, lacking in visualization
  • Existing tools do not allow the company's data analysis needs to be met
  • The IT unit has to be also included to combine the data
  • The customer service centre is not able to quickly and promptly analyse customer data and provide operational responses
  • Complicated contract management work is problematic and hinders effective governance and decision-making
  • Machine inspection planning is inefficient, with many inaccuracies


  • Qlik Sense business analytics tool was selected
  • With the help of analytics data from different systems were integrated
  • Automatic data merging and updating processes have been developed and implemented
  • Individual applications tailored to the needs of the analytical direction were developed
  • In total, 10 different applications have been created to track 20 key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • During testing, discrepancies, errors and inconsistencies in accounting and management data were identified
  • Discrepancies and errors were corrected, data is now correct and accurate
  • Highly efficient and intuitive visualisation was created, it facilitates the work of specialists and professionals


  • Data analytics system was successfully developed and implemented within 6 months
  • The issues of sales, debt management, contracts, water and sewage loss accounting, energy performance monitoring, meter control, undeclared clients analytics are solved
  • A big amount of manually handled files are not in use and are transferred to the unified analytics platform
  • Task planning is carried out expeditiously and with consideration of statistics
  • Employees can analyse activity data in sections (previously unavailable)
  • Specialists easily share discovered information
  • Company data and performance results are displayed in area maps
  • Operational and historical data are readily accessible and available, compared to previous periods, and trends of indicators are observed
  • Developed analytics allows the company to have a unified array of information used by different users, decision makers, and executives
  • Stock in the warehouse is balanced with equipment maintenance plans
  • Information is analysed and decisions are made very quickly
  • The response time to customer queries was reduced by 5 times
  • Customer satisfaction has improved and will continue to improve



Decision-making accelerated 10 times

Expected period of return on investment (ROI) – 1 year

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