Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (INPP) has started supplying electricity to the users in 1983 and was operating until 2009, when, by mutual consent of European Union and the Republic of Lithuania a decision was made to stop electricity production by shutting down the second reactor of INPP. 

Currently, the main INPP activity is the closing process of the nuclear plant operation and safe dismantling of the nuclear reactors and other equipment. INPP still has over 2000 employees. The organization is being funded from the budget of the Republic of Lithuania and the European Union funds.

It is very important for the company, that the project reaches the set goals, is executed on time and without budget overruns. Blue Solutions team have succeeded in doing all that perfectly. Work efficiency and effectiveness increased to the planned level."

– Algirdas Masiulis, Manager of INPP IT department


  • Large number and variety of fixed assets, complex operations, such as merging, dividing, repairs, unfinished construction etc.
  • Variety of funding sources and accounting data analysis by funding sources
  • Quantity and variety of purchase agreements, purchasing process control by agreements and funding sources
  • Purchase requisition management by funding sources
  • Comprehensive and extremely detailed presentation of accounting information to the controlling institutions and audit
  • Negative experience of attempting to update the ERP system in cooperation with another implementer, that won the public tender and was executing the work for several years, however, the implementation ended as a failure, because the implementer was not able to fulfil the commitments taken by signing the agreement.


  • INPP has chosen another implementer, which has the required experience (that can be confirmed with numerous successful implementation projects and positive customer reviews in Lithuania), qualified staff, and fulfills the qualification requirements of Microsoft Corporation - the ERP system Dynamics AX 2012 R3 (further - the System) vendor  
  • The updated system ensures sufficient number of dimensions for the execution of the accounting and analysis process
  • Purchase agreement management and purchase control system was created
  • The fixed asset management solution (module) was developed in accordance with INPP specifics
  • The new system is integrated with other Microsoft products, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft  Office, and tools for data import and export.


  • The system was updated within the defined time frame and without exceeding the planned budget
  • The implemented system allows posting all fixed assets, repairs, or unfinished construction operations, viewing and analyzing them in unified, user-friendly environment
  • The purchase control process integrity and transparency were ensured, starting with the requisition, purchase order, agreement, and ending with invoice and inventory receipt
  • The number of inventory transaction posting steps and the quantity of printed documents were reduced, and the efficiency of work increased accordingly
  • Accounting information is analyzed effectively by financial dimensions and funding sources, and is submitted to the controlling institutions in required level of detail
  • The report data for analysis can be exported to both Microsoft Office documents and analytical systems for further analysis.

The project has reached the goals, within the planned time frame and budget

Work efficiency has increased by 20%

Decision-making accelerated by 2 TIMES

We can analyze the data properly, in accordance with the requirements of the funding sources of the Republic of Lithuania and European Union

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