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You focus on business success and results, and we'll make sure you have the right IT tools for your needs, delivering efficient business today, tomorrow and in the future. Be vigorous as the products selected by Blue Solutions are market leaders in terms of their technology and functionality.

Microsoft Dynamics is one of the most modern enterprise resource planning systems (ERPs) featuring technological advancement, deep knowledge embedded, extensive functionality, continuous development and a multitude of customised solutions.

It is a tool for extraordinary transformation, converting business requirements and processes into business operations.

  • Modern

    Manage your business with a new generation, multifunctional system based on artificial intelligence (AI). This system offers all the possibilities for rapid implementation of innovation.
  • Unified

    Give your professionals the opportunity to work using universal methods, processes, and progressive business systems that will be provided by the common Microsoft cloud computing platform.

  • Smart

    Achieve better business results with the knowledge and advanced recommendations built into the system, provided by leading artificial intelligence and business intelligence technologies.
  • Adaptable

    Upgrade your system, along with your business, create new solutions to integrate them with other technologies using a flexible, scalable and secure platform.



Qlik products offer every employee an opportunity to instantaneously make insights by using operational data. You will be able to rediscover your business and better understand the impact your business environment has on you. These insights will help you make the right decisions quickly, to increase competitiveness and customer loyalty. This is the first business discovery tool on the market for extraordinary transformation – turning business operations into business insights.

  • Easily accessible data

Give all responsible employees access to the data they need and get invaluable benefits. The traditional resource planning system (ERP) cannot offer highly effective data analysis techniques, but Qlik can perfectly complement it and open up new opportunities.

Qlik's analytics technology collects data from a variety of available sources and transforms them into ready-to-analyse data sets that make it easy to form business insights.

All data is stored by Qlik in a joint company's data directory. The data in it can be accessed by users based on the company's data security policy and work responsibilities.

  • Advanced intelligence

What can be more powerful than artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence acting in conjunction with human intuition. It is the advanced intelligence that you use to increase your understanding of intuitive data.

Based on a unique associative indexing technology that describes all links between enterprise data, Qlik automatically highlights the insights that deserve attention. Qlik's creators call it an advanced intelligence combined with associative indexes, or simply AI2. You feel this as an exponentially increased power of the company's intelligence.

  • All-encompassing

The competitive edge is created by insights from the various areas of your activity. The more analytical possibilities – the more of varied data for insights.

Qlik easily extends the capabilities of your analysis to all areas of activity and achieves different data that can be useful for business development. No matter where your business data is – in information systems, internet, mobile devices or resource productivity sensors – they will be reached and help you better understand your business, discover effective and less efficient processes of it.




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Dynamics 365

New generation Microsoft Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System Dynamics 365 is designed for business management in the cloud.

Dynamics AX

Dynamics AX is the latest version of the widely used Microsoft Dynamics Axapta. It is a powerful, flexible, easy-to-use system developed by Microsoft for centralised management of a wide range of business processes.




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Qlik Sense

With Qlik Sense, you can easily create interactive and visual analytical applications, track trends, suggest and make informed decisions.


QlikView is a new generation business analytics tool. This stand-alone and innovative business intelligence platform makes it quick to take fast informed decisions.


Standard system

Standard systems rarely cover all business specific needs, so we bring together best practices from executed projects, customers, and create our own solutions. We have branded them BLUEs.

With BLUEs, the traditional systems you use will be fully tailored to the nature and needs of your business and your business can grow freely.

What BLUEs solutions offer:

  • New features and system upgrades required for your area of business
  • Features that enhance the ease of use of systems
  • Enhancement solutions for operation acceleration
  • Fully prepared analytic applications
  • Solutions compatible with AX or Qlik
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