With Qlik Sense obtain easy interactive and visual analytic applications, monitor the trends, propose and make fact-based business decisions.

Visualised data

Analyse the data by seeing interactive visualisations that automatically respond to queries and adjust to screen settings. The combination of smart visualisations and the unique Qlik associative data analytics model allows to see query-related and unrelated facts, and notice the information that traditional business intelligence tools would not show.

Smart search

Enter a query in the search field and the Qlik smart search will find the relations between the data and provide the key information and the most relevant facts.

Data interpretation

Share the insights you have discovered with your colleagues comfortably and easily. You can always track the original source of analysis and easily justify your decisions.

Different data sources in one place

Qlik Sense combines different data sources and provides more accurate information. Unified data sources provide a comprehensive view of your business, making it possible to detect deviations or trends that are difficult to be noticed, more quickly and easily.


Solve problems right on the go. Use analytics on any mobile device anytime, anywhere. Qlik Sense will help quickly answer questions and make fact-based decisions.

Centralised data management

Qlik Sense allows each user to create data visualisations and business index systems and reports independently. IT specialists just need to take care of data reliability, security and centralised management.

Standard solutions

Already created standard solutions can be further developed and improved.

Quick installation

Standard applications with clear and orderly data structures are deployed within a few days and do not interfere with business processes at all.

Customisable for unique needs

Open programming application interfaces (APIs) will help to easy customise the tool, to improve it and create new applications in a short time to meet unique needs of the company.

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