BLUEs Procurement is a solution for better management of the procurement process from the emergence of procurement needs to the signing and execution of the contract with the supplier. BLUEs Procurement helps to track the results of tendering procedures, to register and compare received supplier proposals, to analyse the history of purchases and to monitor the efficiency of purchases.

The solution facilitates day-to-day procurement-related activities and enables better procurement control. With the introduction of a procurement control system, companies save up to 10-20% on low-value asset and equipment costs.

Management of calls for tenders

  • Presentation of orders for materials/service demand
  • Flexible parameterization and customization of the purchase requisition validation workflow
  • Simple management of the purchase requisition validation process: approval, rejection, transfer of approval to another person
  • Approved purchase requisition lines are processed in a special form, which makes it easier to analyse and clarify the demand
  • The method of execution is selected for purchase requisitions chosen for performance
  • Function to monitor the purchase requisition status, see the validation history, track line statuses and changes

Management of procurement procedures /surveys

  • Creation of a procurement procedures/survey
  • Inclusion of tenderers in the procurement procedure/survey
  • Registration of conditions for sending, receiving replies, returning for resubmission
  • Function to export the data of tendering procedures /surveys to the XLS type file template for submission of tenders
  • Convenient comparison of offers
  • Management of selected tender statuses

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