BLUEs Stevedoring solution is designed for port stevedoring companies for bulk and liquid cargo handling and storage. The solution covers all service management from conclusion of contracts to arrival of cargo and its departure. The BLUEs Stevedoring system is integrated with the MS Dynamics AX and BLUEs Fleet solution.

Stevedoring services

  • Stevedoring contract database
  • Stevedoring orders
  • Registration of cargo handling
  • Automated stevedoring invoices for loading services based on the actual reloaded and/or surveyor’s adjusted quantity
  • Accumulated wagon and car weighing information and calculated weight of the cargo
  • Detailed accounting of cargo and cargo stock

Working with ships

  • Possible to collect vessel characteristics
  • Detailed information regarding planned arrivals/departures
  • Function to see planned and actual cargo and vessel voyage dates, planned cargoes
  • Information, related to the vessel's voyage, regarding the cargo stock on board and handling operations is always visible
  • Accurate and detailed information on mooring/berthing at the company berths
  • Detailed vessel downtime information
  • Vessel report showing details of cargo handling operations, dates of vessel voyage, cargo handling rates

Wagon accounting and management

  • Detailed information on wagons, wagon cycles
  • Recording of wagon time
  • Creation of railroad waybills
  • Tracking and controlling the location of wagons and their manoeuvring
  • Verification of rail charges and invoicing
  • Accounting for resold railway services

Road transport accounting and management

  • Collection of detailed data on vehicles and their cargo entering the company's territory

Cost of management

BLUEs Stevedoring includes function to calculate cost by profit centres (cargo handling services). This functionality facilitates the management accounting. The system also includes automatic cost allocation to profit centres according to the cargo handling process scheme, distribution base and criteria.

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