What items and what quantities of tehm do we have  in our warehouses? How long will the inventory last? What amount is frozen in the illiquid inventory? Do we react in a timely manner to the need to replenish our inventory? How many orders are lost due to inventory shortage?

The answers to all these questions will be given by BLUEs Inventory Sight solution, which is made for an easy and handy data analysis and control of the inventory management indicators

The advantages of BLUEs Inventory Sight

  • Detailed analysis of inventory management data in various dimensions and timeframes
  • Informative data visualization
  • Rapid implementation
  • User-friendly interface

BLUEs Inventory Sight processes large amounts of information and the structures which are based on this information quickly and flexibly, summarizes the data and provides a handy visualization. Therefore, it is easier to identify salable and illiquid items and item groups, find weaknesses in the supply chain and fix them.

The solution is not only useful for the CEO or the department manager, who is monitoring the performance of a business and taking strategic decisions, but also for the data analyst, who is responsible for the indicators of the analyzed data and causality detection.

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