Innpulse is our unique project management methodology that ensures seamless and successful implementation of projects.

Many years of experience working with different products and projects of different complexity, using various project implementation methodologies and tools allowed us to develop our know-how into the methodology based on the best practices. The InnPulse methodology combines the best features of the Fountain, Prototype and Agile methods. This methodology is a guarantee of our success, allowing trouble-free execution of digital transformation projects from start to finish. It is no coincidence that we gave a name with double meaning to our methodology:

InnPulse - project management that is powerful as an Impulse.

InnPulse - the implementation of a project by keeping in touch with the business Pulse – at the specified pace and without interfering with the business processes.


     The InnPulse methodology will ensure:

  • Execution of the project within the scheduled time, for the agreed budget, achieving set targets,
  • Absence of hidden costs and constant monitoring of the project progress,
  • Preparation of our system will not interfere with your business processes.
  • Continuous support of viability of the installed system by the project documentation.
  • You will always be aware of the current status of the project.

InnPulse guarantees 100 percent of the project success for you and for us!