Free and responsible

Freedom goes hand in hand with responsibility is the Ideal of our team, and we have chosen an elephant as its symbol. It's a huge, free, but very sensitive animal. It even feels a plum under his foot and does not squeeze it. It is responsible.

What do we offer?

We are proud to have a strong team of professionals who are willing to share their experience. We take care that every employee's professional and personal development is a daily process. We provide the opportunity to utilise he existing competencies, to gain new knowledge and skills in teamwork and during training. Continuous professional and personal growth, feedback ensures that your knowledge and skills always meet rapidly evolving environmental needs.
Freedom and responsibility are inextricably linked in our work. We provide freedom to act, to make decisions independently, and express individual views and opinions openly. We are excited about employee initiatives that are unconventional giving the value for enterprise and customers. We take responsibility for our actions, decisions and commitments both towards colleagues and our customers.

We provide the perfect room for enhancing your creativity. We understand creativity in work as flexibility, ability and willingness to look at situations and solutions differently. Original ideas, unusual proportions and insights are appreciated and implemented.

Our shared leisure

We really love our team and spend a lot of time together:

  • We go cycling
  • We go kayaking
  • Cooking Mardi Gras pancakes
  • Enjoying sushi in the Sukurai park
  • Celebrating Beaujolais' birthday
  • At the beginning of the summer, our manager Algimantas prepares… cold beetroot soup for the whole team!

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