BLUEs GPAIS – a solution fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX, ensuring the preparation of accounting data for products and their packaging for their transfer to the GPAIS information system in accordance with the form and frequency established in the Law on Packaging and Packaging Waste Management. BLUEs GPAIS collects information from standard system data tables and ensures promptness.

Integration is based on two data transfer tables:

  • Lists of products and sales units and their packaging
  • Classificatory for market supply operations

Export of list of products and packaging units

  • The solution creates the classificatory  needed in the system
  • Data export to GPAIS is done through file exchange

Export of product and packaging classificatory 

  • Integration from Microsoft Dynamics AX is done using market product and packaging journal collecting data from purchase/sales invoice lines
  • BLUEs GPAIS attributes the feature as to what operations have been exported for transfer to GPAIS, and also allows to undo this feature and repeat the transfer as needed
  • The solution provides the ability to delete the collected/transferred transactions of the previous periods and not to accumulate recurring information and, if necessary, to collect it repeatedly

Report data reconciliations

  • Reconciliations of market supply operations
  • GPAIS product packaging list
  • Accumulation of export reports of GPAIS units
  • Accumulation of export reports of GPAIS supplied to market

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