BLUEs Fleet is a solution, designed for managing the company's transport and equipment fleet. BLUEs Fleet includes vehicle installation and maintenance processes such as registration of maintenance plans and tasks and writing off parts.

The solution can also ensure the accounting of freight and meet the accounting requirements of specialised machinery or equipment. BLUEs Fleet is deeply integrated with MS Dynamics AX system.

Vehicles and equipment

  • Detailed vehicle/equipment classifier
  • Possibility to specify all existing vehicle or equipment accessories

Transportation orders

  • Possibility to create detailed transport orders based on Sales orders, Purchase orders and Transfer orders between distant warehouses
  • Travel sheets are created automatically

Travel sheets

  • Possibility to create travel sheets with detailed information on travel, transport and finances
  • Printing of travel documents

Fuel accounting

  • Possibility to specify summer and winter fuel rates and to set the automatic rates
  • Depending on the type of vehicle, different fuel rate settings can be applied
  • Fuel card register and management
  • Feature of collecting fuel fill data by importing statements from petrol stations or by manual entry on a travel sheet
  • Function to see the entire fuel movement history
  • Automated write-off of fuel in the accounting

Maintenance of transport and equipment

  • Creation of inspection plans
  • Creation of inspection tasks
  • Recording and linking inspection tasks to the costs of a particular department or other analytical dimensions
  • Accounting and history of spare parts

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