BLUEs HRM Sight is an application containing an outstanding functionality, developed for the analytics of human resource information. Using this solution, you can easily analyze the data that is collected in your human resource information system.

You will be able to filter the information from human resources department of one company, several companies, or even an entire group of companies by department, role, region, or other attributes. The solution is user-friendly and provides data visualization, therefore it is handy and easy to use. 

Everything about your employees in one place

  • All about your employees, their competencies and skills in one place: contact information, education, certificates, skills etc.
  • Total number of employees, employee turnover
  • Various dimensions of employee statistics: age span, gender, department, work experience etc.
  • An interactive map containing territorial distribution of employees
  • Information about employees passing their probationary period
  • Reliefs, disability information, medical checks
  • Accrued and used vacation
  • Other useful information

Additional features of BLUEs HRM Sight

  • Mobile applications (OS Android, iOS (Apple), OS Blackberry)
  • Export to Excel
  • Possibility to create new inquiries, indicators and reports
  • Filtering /visualisation of HR indicators using Google maps
  • Real time indicator recalculation

Data integration

BLUEs HRM Sight application is adapted to the data from BLUEs HR solution, therefore, if you are using this system for human resource accounting, we will implement the application in 1 week.

If you are using other systems for human resource accounting, the data can be collected from unlimited number of various systems that are based on various platforms (SQL, Oracle, Excel etc.). It is also possible to integrate data from several companies. 

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