BLUEs PLUS – is a set of additional functionalities enabling to use Microsoft Dynamics AX capabilities even more widely, more conveniently and efficiently. The key parts of BLUEs PLUS are the Ledger, fixed assets, banks/cash, customers/ vendors, inventory management, purchases/ sales.

General Ledger (GL)

  • Copying GL entry  lines with saved relation to customer/vendor/bank/ cash/fixed asset information
  • Possibility to specify last Periodic journal transaction transfer into General Journal date
  • Report, which shows what GL accounts selected GL account or account group was corresponding during the selected period
  • Report, which shows correspondence of the selected GL account with other GL accounts
  • GL account operations with comprehensive additional information and function to export data to MS Excel
  • Possibility to see, filter and analyse the required GL operations

Fixed assets

  • Fixed asset Introduction into exploitation statement with fixed asset cost value
  • Transfer of fixed assets. Function to change the transfer details and reprint the FA Transfer report
  • Function to check if all required asset depreciation records are posted in case of fixed asset write-off
  • Automatic  residual value transfer in case of FA write-off
  • Function to change information on registered fixed assets
  • List of fixed assets on the specified date with the possibility to see open, suspended, closed, sold, scrapped FA cards
  • Comprehensive analysis of fixed asset operations and possibility to export data to MS Excel
  • Fixed asset dynamics tracking by groups and possibility to export data to MS Excel
  • History of fixed asset transfers

Banks/cash desk

  • Change in currency rates
  • Retaining the influence of change in cash/bank exchange rates on other GL accounts
  • Function to change the information of the cash income order/ cash expenses order
  • Prevention from change GL account on bank/ cash card if there are registered transactions
  • Report showing bank balances for selected dates by currency
  • Bank transactions during the specified period with additional information
  • Bank statement – a report detailing the bank's transactions in the original and local currencies within the specified time period
  • Bank transactions with the possibility to view, filter, or analyse the required bank account operations
  • Cash operations with the possibility to view, filter, or analyse the required cash operations


  • Prevention from change vendor/ customer group on card if there are registered transactions
  • Periodic settlement functionality which works by FIFO model
  • Review forms and reports for related buyer/vendor transactions in the local and original currencies
  • Vendor/customer open transactions. Report that helps to analyse debts of the selected date
  • Vendor/customer transactions for the specified period. Data are exported to MS Excel
  • Possibility to analyse the vendor/customer debt balances according to different posting profiles
  • Statistics for vendor/product and customer/product
  • Statistics for vendor/product without amounts
  • Vendor/customer operations query with financial dimensions
  • Vendor/customer invoice headers/lines query with financial dimensions

Inventory management

  • Prevention from item unit / item group / item model change
  • Inventory transfer report
  •  Packing slip printout when transferring inventory with the option of including it into the packing slip register
  • Two types of inventory transfer journal. The first is to control whether the data in the fields (date, warehouse from/to) are coincident, the second without such restrictions
  • Inventory stocktaking
  • Possibility to change the values ​​of the relevant fields to the specified values ​​for multiple entries
  • Inventory movement by transaction type
  • Report showing the inbound and outbound operations within the specified time period. The report include both inventory transfer journals and transfer orders data
  • Inventory turnover (financial and physical)
  • Inventory value by items and inventory dimensions
  • Value of inventory by items and inventory dimensions without amounts
  • Detailed inventory operations
  • Inventory write-off statements


  • Function to change the invoice/packing slip number
  • Additional functionality of the invoice registry for the issued/posted customer/vendor invoices – the function for changing the transport details
  • Additional functionality of the packing slip registry for the posted customer packing slips – the function for the transport details change
  • Possibility to analyse miscellaneous costs received from vendor. The analysis is available at the level of invoice and/or inventory detail
  • Control of the financial dimension. Possibility to enable the financial dimension fill requirement in accordance with established rules before the registration of packing slip /invoice

Additional functionality

  • General address book
  • Record insertion/editing control
  • Creating an automatic financial dimension after creating a card entry

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