BLUEs UseRights is a Microsoft Dynamics AX extension for managing a set of user rights configurations that allows you quickly and conveniently assign permissions to access the business data to users and user groups. The BLUEs UseRights solution consists of a set of privileges and role-level setting functionality.

Privilege set

The package of BLUEs UseRights includes the privileges and duties. The set is designed for the structure of MS Dynamics AX modules.

  • Privileges are access rights granted to the user for certain data and a set of permitted actions.
  • Duties are grouping of privileges according to MS Dynamics AX procedures.

The set of privileges includes the following modules: Ledger, cashier, bank, accounts receivable, accounts payable, fixed assets, product information management, inventory and warehouse management, master scheduling, production (levels I/II).

Setting of the role level

With BLUEs UseRights, you can set the level of the user role for the license, and the result set is saved in a document outlining the permissions assigned to the role and the levels assigned to users.

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