BLUEs Finance Sight solution was designed to provide analytics of financial data. It includes a set of financial reports and indicators, which enables the user to generate financial reports expeditiously and precisely.  

The actual and budget general ledger data are aggregated, and initial set of reports and financial indicators is produced in BLUEs Finance Sight application.

The content and scope of the set of additional reports of will be discussed with you individually, considering your requirements and business specifics. Later on, the set of finance analytics can be easily extended either with our help or by yourselves.

The Advantages of BLUEs Finance Sight

  • Detailed analysis of financial indicators in various dimensions and timeframes
  • Set of reports which meets the requirements of your business
  • A wide choice of filtering and sorting tools
  • Informative data visualisations
  • The solution is easy to use
  • It is possible to access the data using any mobile device.

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