AdvFORMS is an integral extension of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, that increases the value of the ERP system. This extension enables the users to work with the standard screen forms faster, more flexibly and conveniently, by reviewing large amounts of data.

With the help of AdvFORMS, you will be able to use many filters, get the data you are interested in, review and summarize it conveniently. Your work will be faster, more accurate, and you will make less mistakes. You will be working only with the data you need to execute a task or to make a decision.

The purpose of the solution

The screen forms in an ERP system are intended for the selection, preview, processing of the information and decision making. The amounts of data are large, and the capability of the system to filter the displayed data is limited, it does not include the fields that are linked less or linked in a complex way (e.g. financial dimensions).

These problems are solved without additional products, analytics tools, in an easy and user-friendly way, with the help of the solution created by us – BLUEs AdvFORMS – completely integral extension of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

By using BLUEs AdvFORMS, the standard screen forms become extended. You can filter the data flexibly and analyze the information from various points of view, with the possibility to see detailed transactions and the values of financial dimensions entered in those transactions.

Properties of the solution

  • Featured – up to 10 financial dimensions to choose from for the formation of an inquiry
  • Enriched – additional filtering of all the fields, visible on the preview window
  • Unified – usual filtering symbols of D365 F&O are used for the filtering
  • Extended – possibility to view the transaction voucher in the same form
  • Flexible – you will easily return to previous status
  • Integrated – you will easily export the data to MS Excel

Scope of the solution

Extended analytics of detailed transactions by financial dimensions creates value for the business by comparing and optimizing the collection and processing of information. The costs are saved, and it is possible to make the decisions faster.

The solution operates in the following areas of the system:

  • Fixed assets transactions
  • Bank transactions
  • Cash transactions
  • Customer transactions
  • Customer invoice journal
  • Customer invoice lines
  • Vendor transactions
  • Vendor invoice journal
  • Vendor invoice lines
  • General ledger voucher transactions

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