With BLUEs HRM&Wages you can easily analyse the employee at an 360º angle. It is a human resource management tool for simplified staff, working time and payroll calculations. The solution is constantly developed and is fully in line with the Lithuanian legislation framework.

Human resource selection and management

  • Candidate information management
  • Terms and conditions of employment contract
  • Employee information
  • Employee’s goals, his/her assessment
  • Employee’s requests, orders assigned to him/her
  • Document repository

Work time management

  • Preparation of work schedules
  • Preparation of leave schedules
  • Records of employee absence
  • Automatically fill-in time sheets

Payroll calculation

  • Output calculation
  • Capturing (appointments) and calculation of payroll for piecework
  • Bonus calculation
  • Calculation of absence payments
  • Calculation of different deductions from the employee’s salary
  • Calculation and deduction of state taxes
  • Remuneration and export of data to banking system


  • Extracts formed at selected sections
  • Export of SODRA and STI reports in the specified format
  • Time sheets and payroll sheets
  • Reports on remuneration for employees
  • Other

BLUEs HRM&Wages is accessible to all employees of the company through self-service portal: view of information provided to the company, submission of requests, following the working time schedule and salary information.

BLUEs HRM&Wages is an integral part of Microsoft Dynamics AX. The system is constantly developed and adapted to the specific needs of each company. Function to integrate with the ERP system facilitating the analysis of complete information about employee activities, outcomes, and making quick decisions. This also facilitates the application of staff information insights BLUEs HRM Sight.

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