How many, when and what goods were sold? Which items are best-selling and which are most profitable? Are the pricing changes made on time?

You can get the answers from the BLUEs Sales Sight solution designed for easy and convenient sales data analysis and control of key sales indicators.

Control your key performance indicators with BLUEs Sales Sight

  • Sales turnover and profitability
  • Structure of goods purchased and sold
  • Shopping cart
  • Turnover of funds
  • Customers newly acquired or lost
  • Compare and evaluate the performance of different managers
  • Effect of promotion campaigns

BLUEs Sales Sight quickly and flexibly processes, summarises and conveniently represents large amounts of data and structures based on them, helping to identify “weak” and “strong” goods and their groups, interdependencies between different indicators or points where these dependencies do not work. The general indicators can be detailed and achieved with different levels of detail up to the primary record information, thus finding a direct causal link of various phenomena.

Advantages of BLUEs Sales Sight

  • Detailed analysis of sales figures in various cross sections and periods
  • Informative data rendering
  • Easy to use solution
  • Data available on all mobile devices
  • Quick installation

The application is intended not only for the head of the company or unit, who monitors the overall performance of the company and makes strategic decisions, but also for the analysts responsible for the indicators and identification of causes of the analysed information.

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