QlikViewis a new generation business analytics tool. It is an independent and innovative business analytics platform allowing to make fact-based decisions. QlikView allows to search information in business data associatively – in the way the human thinks. The solution automatically creates links between data from different systems, organisations and regions, allowing to see not only what is happening, but also identifying the causes.

Associative data model

The core function of Qlik products is an associative data analytics engine that allows users to see all possible data associations across all data sources.

Powerful operational memory technology

QlikView runs in operational memory, therefore, it can combine business data from multiple sources and analyse them at high speed, regardless of the speed of individual data sources.

Quick update

Upload of data to QlikView takes only a few minutes.

Targeted analytics

Targeted analytics leads users on the path of insight discovery.


Security and management are ensured by the QlikView Server infrastructure.

Centralised application

QlikView provides unified control and management of business data systems, reporting and design.

Standard solutions

Already created standard solutions can be further developed and improved.

Quick installation

Standard applications, with clear and well organised data structures, are deployed within a few days without disturbing business processes.

Unique solutions

Open programming application interfaces (APIs) will hellp to easy customise the tool, to improve it and create new applications in a short time to meet unique needs of the company.

Global searh

Intuitive and fast search in multiple and abundant datasets.

Preliminary prepared reports

QlikView provides the function to create and share reports and templates, use Qlik NPrinting to transfer reports to Microsoft Office documents.

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