The new generation of Microsoft Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is Dynamics 365, designed for business management in the cloud. Innovative functionality allows to:

  • Automate many processes in the company
  • Plan and manage the use of available resources
  • Manage data quickly and efficiently for decision making

Dynamics 365 allows to optimise the business, organise the work effectively and maximise the potential.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is comprised of integrated components that allow to choose the system features tailored to specific business and needs, or even business-specific tailored solutions. Such system architecture opens up opportunities for a dynamic growth of the company – in the case of development, the system will not limit your possibilities.

With Dynamics 365, you will have access to the solutions you already have, therefore, the system you are using will fully meet your business needs, specifics and know-how. Like previous Microsoft business management products, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is easy to adapt to business needs by modifying it and is constantly being upgraded by the manufacturer, therefore, with Dynamics 365 you will have unlimited access to the best technology and experience of the world's most prominent business partners.

Dynamics for Finance and Operations 365
Your daily need is timely information about the core business processes.

Dynamics for Finance and Operations combines data from all business operations for financial purposes, allowing you to make quick and correct decisions, and grow your business viably.

Dynamics 365 for Talent
In the near future, human resources can become a major challenge for your business.

Collect, filter, dynamically manage human resource information, apply a motivational system efficiently, and help your employees to build successful careers with Dynamics 365 for Talent.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing
Information is invaluable – turn your contacts into business relationships.

Discover new marketing opportunities, manage the process from contact to business, and track your return on investment with Dynamics for Marketing.

Dynamics 365 for Sales
Enhance your sales process by managing it.

Using the Dynamics 365 for Sales process, you will automate it and better understand the market and customer needs. That means, you will increase sales volumes.

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service
Long-term customers bring the most benefits.

The most loyal customer is the one who gets the right information at the right time. Empower your customers, allowing them to see and get more information, a low them to manage that information. Meanwhile, the integrated analytics will allow you to quickly learn about the needs of your customers and provide relevant services.

Dynamics 365 for Field Service
Timely delivery of the required services ensures a long-term partnership.

Dynamics 365 for Field Service will enable mobile managers or service personnel to perform their jobs quickly and well. It is better satisfaction of your customers and stronger business relationships.

Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation
Increase project profitability and success.

Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation – it is a tool that will help you run projects successfully, on time and without increased costs. Timely decisions, successful, profitable and efficient project activities. Sounds good?

Dynamics 365 for Retail
Retail trade ensures you a daily flow of income?

Dynamics 365 for Retail will provide an opportunity to accumulate customer experience and use this information to increase customer loyalty. Combine information from individual points of sale to form common business insights.

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