Group of companies, service network, wholesale and retail trade of all automotive parts and components

„We have been striving to create a professional, customer-friendly, new automotive component sales system. That is why we decided to invest in innovation and to move towards centralised information management.”

– Marijus Montvilas, Executive Director of UAB Eoltas


  • Particularly large nomenclature (120 thousand), pricing management is highly labour extensive
  • The Group operates 13 centres in different countries, management is very complicated without any centralisation
  • The customer is tired of the system deployment in collaboration with another vendor, lasting for 2 years
  • The search for substitute parts takes a long time, the search is performed manually in catalogues
  • The process of component purchase planning does not take into account statistical analysis and is not unified for all companies


  • Successful implementation of MS Dynamics AX has improved the accounting and management procedures
  • Planning is based on statistical information and allows to optimise the flow of goods
  • A particularly high product nomenclature is managed conveniently and quickly
  • The centralised system allows applying of general management principles
  • The search for similar products (substitutes) has become more efficient and has enabled full information to be provided to buyers


  • Purchase planning takes place quickly and with consideration of statistics
  • Search of substitute products was accelerated by 10 times (10 min. > 1 min.)
  • The number of clients served increased by 1.7 times
  • The efficiency of centralised business management increased by 2 times
  • Profitability of the company has increased, stocks in the warehouses were reduced, ROI – 2 years

Substitute database developed with more than 2 million records

Purchasing planning evaluates the 5-year trade history

Substitute search time was reduced by 10 times

The number of customers served has increased by 1.7 times


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Wholesale and retail trade of automotive components, representation of automotive parts manufacturers, car service network.
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