The company operating in Lithuania and Latvia, directly and through the network of partners, ensures the representation, sales, retail and wholesale trade and maintenance of the well-known brands STIHL, VIKING, FISKARS, MAKITA, MILWAUKEE, IITTALA.

"It is very efficient to get all IT products and services from one provider, thus ensuring a deep knowledge of our business, dynamic changes, rapid development of IT systems and adaptation to business change. This allows us to remain highly competitive and provide our customers with the best goods and services."

 - Gintas Mocevičius, the owner of Mocevičius company Ginalas


  • Increasing business volume has brought forward the needs for innovative management
  • Increasing competition has led to continuous changes and their impact assessment
  • Expansion to Latvia demanded a reliability and comparability of data, flexible analysis capabilities
  • With the expansion of operations the need for prompt and accurate planning has increased
  • With increasing volume, a reasonable assessment and motivation of employees' contributions became necessary


  • We selected an experienced partner, which has provided all the products and services needed for the digital transformation
  • The company has installed ERP system Dynamics AX that covers all business processes in Lithuania and Latvia
  • The BLUEs analytics solutions allowed to build business insights
  • BLUEs HRM & Wages for the HRM and Payroll procedures is installed on the same Dynamics AX


  • The deployment of IT systems did not interfere with the company's operations, it was smooth and well planned
  • Automated distribution chain from sales orders through e-commerce, collection of goods to delivery
  • Tracking customer purchase habits allows us to offer the required goods on a regular basis
  • The control of repulsed orders allows to plan properly by maintaining optimal stock
  • The reporting time has been reduced by 20 times
  • Return on investment – ROI – 1 year

The volume of operations has increased 2.5 times, and business is successfully operated in new markets

Order execution time was reduced by 1.5 TIMES

Decision-making was accelerated by 10 TIMES

Employee satisfaction INCREASED by 30%

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