QlikView remains among the leaders according to Gartner Inc. rating

Gartner Inc. has introduced BI evaluation and prospect for 2015 years. We are very glad that QlikView, which is being implemented by Blue Solutions, continues to remain among the leaders. During the two and a half years, when we are working with QlikView and NPrinting, we have already implemented seven successful projects.
Gita Bersėnaitė, the head of BI group, notices that some customers prefer to QlikView platform for the entire BI, some are using this product only for analysis of particular business processes. Nevertheless, everyone keep QlikView or common QlikView and NPrinting decision usage as a strategic BI direction of the company. "Talking about the need of BI tools in the company, you should think not only how much you need to invest, but also how much your business loses when you don’t invest. Those who today do not use advanced analytics tools, risks to fall behind its competitors. Operative and convenient selection of information, processing and presentation of it is one of the most important factors of competitiveness”, - says G. Bersėnaitė.
QlikView is also special for its particularly simple and effective usage. The implemented projects show that the use of this tool speeds up to 40 times the preparation of visual reporting packages and, in addition, as many times reduces preparation costs. Using BI, you constantly improve company profits and your competitive advantage – managers receive the information quickly, decisions are made quickly. Due to all these advantages you exceed your competitors. “The payback of QlikView is 3 – 4 months, later onlybenefitandadvantage in the market - accurate andpromptsolutions”, - summarizes Algimantas Brazauskas, CEO of the company.



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