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The Creation of Value as a Way of Thinking

The "Blue Solutions" company was founded on November 24, 2009 by 28  professionals experienced in IT and business procecess management. The business idea professed by "Blue Solutions" is based not on selling various ERP systems but on creation of added value to the client. Such value is created by optimizing client's business processes via the means of information technologies and provision of high-quality services.


The "Blue Solutions" is exclusively oriented towards quality and long-term relationships with clients, therefore from it's very beginning the company rejected the hidden cost selling strategy, which is not the rarity in the IT services market. According to the deep conviction  of "Blue Solutions" team, supported by numerous researches of global and local scale, the demand for the management innovations stems from the logic of  investment, while the latter rests not on the price solely, but on the ratio between the price and the value acquired.


On October 10, 2010, in a move directed at expansion of the market share, the "Blue Solutions" acquired the MS Dynamics AX business unit of "Baltic Amadeus" Ltd. The "Blue Solutions" team currently counts for 43 people working in positions of project managers, consultants, technical consultants and programmers. The team consists only of the top level professionals, having long years of experience of implementation of high-sophistication big-scale  projects in Lithuania and abroad as well as working with such systems as Damgaard, Navision and various other products of Microsoft Dynamics

Blue Solutions

Because we search for and find the solutions, which bring a comfort to our clients, inculcating conviction, that their business processes are nurtured with knowledge and reliability.

Blue Solutions

Because we want to think and work differently, in a way to become partners, providing assessment and advice, inspiring discussions, bringing a good IT experience and cooperating in finding solutions for client's problems. 

Blue Solutions

Because we strive to make information management comfortable and sensible for clients, direct it towards achievemment of their business goals. We shall put our efforts to all areas where we will spot information management failures, where we will sense an opportunity to apply our competence, working along with the clients for satisfaction of their needs and for development of their business.


For our clients and partners we guarantee expertise, partnership and the strong, experienced team.


We foster our team by encouraging accumulation of knowledge and stressing the importance of expertise. We do our best to provide clients with the professional knowledge, which could be applied to the optimization of  their business practices and which gives impetus for innovation. We aim at providing stewardship in the area of business process management and IT by bringing the knowledge earlier and at a deeper extent than it  otherwise would be available to a client. If a client has an idea, we should already know the best way of it's implementation. 


Companies usualy do business in areas of their proper konwledge, expertise and experience, which, accordingly, provide for the best opprtunities for management and optimization. Capabilities of IT feed even more chances for business success. Though, being important factor of enterprise going, for the vast majority of enterprises, IT is usually not a part of their main business. Most companies do not command resources and knowldge that are necessary to provide high-level maintenance of IT systems. We aim to fill all IT gaps, that businesses can experience. At "Blue solutions" we build partnership network with purpose to become full-spectrum services provider and be able to answer any question raised by a client. At the same time we attempt to grow into a better partner for our clients, bringing our knowledge into common process of coining better solutions.  


The "Blue Solutions" is a shoulder-to-shoulder team - people, that radiate the spirit of partnership and are highly devoted and extremely passionate about what they are doing. We rejoice the opportunity to work with high-potential products in a high-spirit team. All together we look for  new ways and new decisions, bringing them to the clients. We treat  working and reposing together as a prerequisite for better business results. The team-building, search for the right ways of doing right job are important aspects of our approach. 


We are proud that through the long years of experience we acquired such an awesome clients and partners, that know, appreciate and trust the way we work.


We are grateful to our competitors, (we often encourage them to become our partners) for they do not allow us to lie on oars.


Our colors are  and 


If you would like to get more information about "Blue Solutions" , please visit other pages of our website, or please find us here.