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Management solution for purchase and sale agreements was designed for administrating contracts, their registration and implementation.


MS Dynamics AX 2009 version. 

Agreements directory

Groups of agreements 

Agreements can be grouped according to feature. Appropriate information for all kinds of agreements can be filled in group: payment and delivery terms, settings for operations registration to General ledger. Aggregate values are automatically transferred to the newly created group contracts. 

Information of agreements

  • Information of agreement: number, date, provider/customer, sum, currency code, date of start and end, information of contact and so on.
  • Levels of agreements: the main agreement and appendix. Appendix has a link to the main contract.
  • Status of agreement: draft, in progress, closed, cancelled, modified (contracts are automatically entitled, when you linked appendix to the main contract).


It is the change of the main agreement or supporting documents that are registered as Additions in agreements directory. When appendix is start to validate, for purchases or sales the conditions specified in appendix are applicable.

Groups of products in agreements

It is prepared for products grouping according to the meaning of agreement’s object, if it is not possible to indicate specified products for agreement.
  • Product’s cards can be attached (control by units of measurement) for group out of the products list described in the system. One product can be attached to several different products groups in agreements.
  • For group units of measurement can be attached.
  • In new agreements group’s usage can be limited.
  • Group with attached list of products cannot be changed or removed if it is being used in at least one agreement.

Agreement’s products

For agreements or theirs appendixes concerted products can be attached (they are taken from the existing product list in the system), also their amount, price, delivery conditions and justifiable percent of lack/excess, that contract would be fulfilled.  Management possibilities of agreement’s products:
  • It is possible to copy products lines from other agreements and appendixes.
  • It is controlled, that wouldn’t be product doubleton in the agreement, and product with identical parameters (size, configuration and color) cannot be used twice in agreement.
  • Products lines in agreement cannot be changed if product has registered operations.
  • If product card is attached with one of agreement or products groups in agreement, it cannot be deleted. 

The implementation and control of the agreement

To create buying or selling from agreement

It is a possibility to create order lines from agreement or its appendixes when selecting agreements product. Amount controlling parameter does not let you to choose more items than the remainder in agreement.

Invoice creation from agreement

It is a possibility to create sale from agreement or its appendixes, if it is given current information: agreement number, condition of payment and delivery, invoice parameters of agreement registration in General Ledge.

Total price agreement and its appendix implementation seeking

It is a possibility to look through agreements, appendix or agreements with its appendixes implementation in total price: planed sum, invoice sum, not used sum. Total price agreement can be used in products and products group level.

Quantitative agreement and its appendix implementation seeking

It is a possibility to look through agreement and its appendixes implementation when detailed by the inventory status (invoice, bill of lading, booked, reserved, residue), by resource and storage dimension. Implementation percentage is shown.

Client’s payments establishment by main agreement

Functionality helps for payments designed operations to choose by the main agreement’s number, even when operations are registered with main agreement’s appendixes numbers.


Quantitative Agreements implementation

Concerted products with concerted quantity and information of implementing are given in reports: quantity by the inventory status (invoice, bill of lading, booked, reserved, residue) by resource and storage dimension, implementation in percent.

Total price agreement implementation

Information of total price agreement implementing (planed sum, invoice sum, not used sum, balance) are given out of agreements, appendix, or agreements with its appendixes in total price. Agreement implementation can be elaborate in operations level.