International cooperation

According to official data of Microsoft Corporation,"Blue solutions" is among 5% of the world's top Microsoft Partners and belongs to the Microsoft President's Club that brings them together. As a partner of Microsoft Corporation, "Blue solutions" is actively involved in the activities of this international corporation both in the Baltic region and globally.


Since the beginning of 2011, "Blue solutions" belongs to the international AxPact network of Microsoft Dynamics AX experts, unifying the top companies, such as Sense Group,, Votiva, Hands and others. Blue Solutions is the only Lithuanian company accepted into this alliance.
AxPact was started to develop in 2001 and currently it unifies more than 1100 consultants of different Microsoft Dynamics AX business management system areas around the world. AxPact members are 27 most experienced Microsoft Partners who provide services for 120 representative offices in 75 countries and implement more than 10% of all the Dynamics AX installations in the world. Bringing together the most experienced installers of Microsoft flagman -Microsoft Dynamics AX business management systems - AxPact has created a network for sharing experience, organizes trainings and certifies consultants.
Being a member of AxPact, "Blue solutions" is able to maintain the complex system installations in all its partners’ countries, which comprise a very wide geography from the U.S., Canada, throughout Africa, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia to Australia. Such a capability of "Blue solutions" is very important for Lithuanian businesses that are expanding to South Eastern Europe and the Balkans, and will include China and India in the near future. With local partners’ professionals in the project teams, Blue Solutions can install solutions in any AxPact country.


"Blue solutions" company is tracking the markets of international management optimization and IT products, cooperates with perspective solution developers. On 15/04/2010 Blue Solutions became TargIT's partner and gained the necessary qualifications.
TargIT develops and distributes business intelligence solution TARGIT BI Suite. It is the world's largest producer in this field by the number of customers and the fastest growing company in terms of revenue. TargIT has the largest global network of certified partners who directly sell and install products to their customers. The company's headquarters is located in Hjørring, Denmark, and the subsidiary is based in Tampa, FL, USA.
Partnership with TargIT enables "Blue solutions" to provide customers with even better solutions, allowing them to manage business information and make optimal decisions quickly, conveniently and innovatively.


In March 2011, "Blue solutions" has acquired another experienced international partner - a very innovative company Adeaca (Atlanta, U.S.), which has extensive experience in working with Microsoft Dynamics AX. The company’s executives and leading professionals were directly involved in the designing and development of AX (the former Damgaard Axapta) at the beginning of the product’s life in the Danish company Damgaard A/S. Adeaca has offices in Atlanta (U.S.), Jakarta (Indonesia) and Copenhagen (Denmark).
The company specializes in a product for project management in the Microsoft Dynamics AX environment. With rapidly spreading project-based project management disciplines and businesses organization, Advanced Projects TM for AX has become one of the newest ideas for creating a single integrated accounting and business management environment.
Professionals from the "Blue solutions" company have acquired the necessary qualifications and became fully fledged members of Adeaca network. Interest in the current demonstration and Gap/Fit analysis of the product was expressed by a number of companies seeking to carry out their projects on time and quality, as well as to reduce supply chain issues and risks and efficiently manage planning on the level of the entire company or even of the group of companies.
Adeaca product is particularly suitable for construction and engineering companies, research institutions, industrial enterprises, project-based organizations, as well as the public sector.It provides high-quality project management and effective cost management while working together with foreign partners.