Our Colours

Colours are everywhere around us. In nature, at home, on clothes we wear. We grow flowers of our favourite colour, and we give them as presents to our beloved ones, we choose a car, mobile phone, dishes or towels according to our favourite colour. We surround yourselves with our favourite colours, because they give us good mood, support, comfort, perhaps even courage, strength and ambitions.
We chose blue and green.
The blue usually, it is associated with heavenly peace, vastness of the oceans and a little bit nostalgic moods that means concentration. This is a colour of serenity and peace. colour is natural, practical and symbolic.
Association of the BLUEs music style with the blue colour is very meaningful. This name is derived from the term Blue Note meaning irregular and unexpected note, free improvisation note and the symbol of freedom.
Studies show that the blue colour increases the productivity of people; also it is advisable to wear blue clothes when going to a job interview, because it stresses your seriousness, concentration and serious approach.
Green colour brings us closer to nature. This is a colour of fertility, freshness and life. It helps us to rest and relax, because it means balance. It symbolizes learning, development, growth and harmony.
It is strange to find out that there are many languages in the world which do not distinguish between the blue and green colours - they are characterized by the same word.Blue is the sky and blue sea with the sun, heat, light and water nearby.These two colours around us seem the most soothing and attractive, stimulating relaxation and bliss.When we are surrounded by blue and green, we feel comfortable and confident, anxiety leaves, and there is no tension anymore.
We do not know what came first – the choice of colours or our point of view. They probably came together, and grew up together too.