Education and in-service training

"Blue Solutions" business activities lie at the junction of IT and process optimization fields, which are fast-changing and intelligence-intensive areas. For this reason, the company heavily invests in continuous professional in-service training. Below is the list of in-service events held abroad, attended by Blue Solutions team members during the past eighteen months. The list does not include a lot of similar events held in Lithuania.
1.          03/14/2010–07/05/2010: TARGIT US Training. USA, Florida, Tampa City
2.          18/05/2010–21/05/2010: TargIT 2K10 Version Presentation Conference and Seminar. USA, Florida, Tampa City
3.          07/09/2010–10/09/2010: Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail Training. Sweden
4.          17/10/2010–20/10/2010: Microsoft CEE Convergence 2010 conference. Czech Republic, Prague
5.          11/10/2010– 4/102010: Microsoft Enterprise Partner Summit EMEA 2010 conference. France, Cannes
6.          16/01/2011–22/11/2011: Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical Conference 2011. USA, Redmond
7.           28/03/2011–21/04/2011: Microsoft Dynamics AX Process Industries Training. Poland, Warsaw
8.           03/05/2011–06/05/2011: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Global Lean Manufacturing Workshop for Partners. Denmark, Vedbaek.
9.           09/07/2011–14/07/2011: Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference‘2011. USA, Los Angeles
10.         18/10/2011–20/10/2011: European SharePoint Conference 2011, Germany, Berlin
11.          06/11/2011–08/11/2011, Global Public Policy Summit, Mexico, Guadalajara
12.          18/03/2012 - 21/03/2012, Microsoft Convergence Conference 2012, Houston, USA