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Payroll calculation and management solution for calculation of personnel salaries.
MS Dynamics AX 2009 version.


  • Types of wage. Types: rate, hourly, output by the fact, according to travel sheets, according to motto hours. This list of the wage types of is non-exclusive.
  • Qualifications and categories. Wage differentiation by categories.
  • Individual filling and adjustment of the basic information set out by the laws. Basic information: basic and minimum wage, basic and minimum hourly rate, minimum standard of living, applied NPD (non-taxable income), and PNPD (additional non-taxable income), insured amount of income, etc.
  • Single/periodic extra charges, such as wage premiums, various bonus payments, aligning of positions, wage premiums for a special nature of work, wage premiums for work in harmful conditions, etc. The number of extra charges per employee is unlimited.
  • Deductions, such as the alimony, court orders, trade-union fees, life insurance, credit and loans, and other permanent and one-time deductions.
  • Holiday reserve calculation.
  • Payment orders. Ordering and generating payments/transfers. Payments – advance payments, ordinary payments, etc. Transfers – money transfers to the bank cards, to the State Social Insurance Fund Board, tax authorities, the Guarantee Fund. Export of transfers to the respective banks is carried out using the B2Bank solution.

Printouts/data in electronic form

  • Salary printouts. Pay-rolls, remittance forms, sick leaves, holiday and business trip calculation sheets.
  • Extra charge and deduction sheets. Printouts by company, structural unit, department, employee and cost centre levels. Sheets:  detailed, totals, scaled, by parameters and various funds.
  • Versatile document text configuration tool. Card index for certificate texts. Certificate printouts are based on MS Word templates. During certificate printing the desired text is selected, the adequate MS Word file is opened automatically and data is transferred; the ability to rename the document and to save with the order.
  • SoDra (State Social Insurance Fund Board) forms: 10-SD, 11-SD, 12-SD, 13-SD, NP-SD, SAM e-forms.
  • Statistics printouts. Printouts required for filling in the DA-01 and DA-05 statistical forms.
  • State tax deductable sheet, payroll summary, the alimony summary (paid via mail, by bank or cash), insurance sheets.
  • Social insurance tax extra charge sheet (by periods and from the beginning of year), certificate of mutual indebtedness.
  • Monthly and annual income tax declarations FR0572A and FR0573 in XML format.