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The growth of companies’ business often poses challenges for data exchange with the systems of partners, clients, related companies and group of companies. This becomes particularly important during recent times of rapidly developing IT systems, communication tools, and Internet. Effective tools, which help to integrate the data of various formats with different systems, are becoming increasingly necessary.

Blue Solutions offers you a Blue Octopus tool which is part of the Dynamics AX. This tool enables you to manage two-way flows of data integrated by different formats.
MS Dynamics AX 2009 version


  • Universal data exchange tool, all the parameters of which can be set by a user.
  • Importing/exporting data from any of Dynamics AX tables and any company that exists on the Dynamics AX database.
  • Possibility of setting different import/export structures, including establishing rules and conditions.
  • Possibility of setting data conversion parameters, and changing the values of importing/exporting data.
  • Easily adaptable data structures that allow carrying out changes with the help of the sets of importing/exporting settings.
  • All integration work can be carried out and managed on one location in the system.
  • The data formats that can be used to import data into Dynamics AX:
  • The data formats that can be used to export data from Dynamics AX:
  • Different locations of integration files are available:
-File system
  • Data exchange history and tracking capabilities.

Easily extendable by using Dynamics AX programming tools.