“Blue Solutions” announced 2015 Partner of the Year for Microsoft Dynamics Lithuania!

Microsoft Lithuania invited all partners to manually Microsoft partner’s day on 12th of November. During the event in addition to valuable information about development of the products, their perspectives and plans for the future, there also awarded the best 2015 Partners of the Year for Microsoft Lithuania.
When introducing the finalists of the award, Microsoft Lithuania General Manager Ainis Kavaliauskas mentioned, that the winner of this year was head above of the other competitors. The award of 2015 Partner of the Year for Microsoft Dynamics, named the most Dynamic Partner, was given to Blue Solutions!
In the thank you speech Algimantas Brazauskas, Blue Solutions General Manager, said “I am very thankful to Microsoft for this nomination, which is very important for us, but most of all I would like to say thank you for the Blue Solutions team – this nomination is a result of their hard and honest work. In addition, I would like to say thank you to our customers for choosing us as their partner. This encourage us to perform in the best way we can, and always be in the top ranks of Dynamics providers’. Also, I don’t want to forget to say thanks to our competitors, who don’t let us to rest on the top of the mountain – the harder you are pushing us, the stronger we become”.
The award of 2015 Partner of the Year for Microsoft Dynamics Lithuania was given to Blue Solutions according to the annual turnover of the company and the growth in the number of customers and turnover during Microsoft financial year, i.e. since 2014 second half till 2015 first half.

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