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NPrinting is the most advanced report generation, distribution and scheduling application for QlikView available on the market. It allows for generation, filtering and modification of reports based on user criteria. Reports can be distributed to whoever you want, whenever you want! With NPrinting, get the right information to the right people at the right time.
Why NPrinting ?
From Analysis to Action in a Single Click
Rapidly develop and implement scalable reporting solutions. Use data and images from QlikView tables, charts and objects, from multiple QlikView docs, to create a single report. Use Excel, Word, PowerPoint and HTML to design your report with “drag-and-drop” simplicity. Use the built-in PixelPerfect editor to create professional, fully-customizable banded reports with a “wow effect”. Schedule reports or let your users generate them on demand from the QlikView desktop application or from a browser. Intuitive interface will get you up and running quickly.
Timely Information to the Right People
NPrinting allows you to send user-appropriate information on a scheduled, conditional, event based or On-Demand basis. Appropriate information is always distributed because users are associated with specific filters, e-mail addresses, directories, Section Access User IDs and passwords. Reports can be delivered by e-mail, saved to user directories, requested from web-based environments, published to be accessed through a Newsstand, or printed for hard copies.
Leverage the Value of Existing Assets
Create Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and HTML report templates, making use of existing skills in your organization. Distribute existing QlikView reports in PDF and in image formats to take advantage of the work you’ve already done in QlikView. Use your directories and the data from QlikView, your CRM, ERP and other external systems to automatically populate and maintain recipient and distribution group lists.
Your Success Is Our Mission
Creating the most intuitive and best supported information management solutions for you is our mission. We know that our users face the continuous challenge of meeting ever more demanding needs in the face of a massive increase in available information and so we continue to add features and build stability into all of our products. We are constantly working hard together with our worldwide network of more than 50 prestigious partners to help you become the killer app.