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What is QlikView?
QlikView is the most flexible Business Intelligence platform for turning data into knowledge. More than 24,000 organisations worldwide have enabled their users to easily consolidate, search, and visually analyse all their data for unprecedented business insight using QlikView’s simplicity.
Effective decision-making is based on having the right information available and easy accessible. Taking just minutes to learn, the automatic associations of QlikView create endless possibilities for making ad hoc queries without requiring tediously defined structures and hierarchies, as is typical in other data analysis tools. QlikView promotes unrestricted analysis of application data, helping users make time-saving and accurate decisions.
It brings a whole new level of analysis, insight, and value to existing data stores with user interfaces that are clean, simple, and straightforward.
The Associative Experience
QlikView enables users to gain unexpected business insights by understanding how data is associated—and what data is not related. They can conduct direct and indirect searches across all data anywhere in the application—globally or within a single field. When the user clicks on a data point in a field, no queries are fired. Instead, all the other fields instantaneously filter themselves based on the selection the user made.
Powered by In-Memory Technology
The engine behind associative search is QlikView’s next-generation in-memory architecture. It virtually eliminates the problems and complexity plaguing traditional, slow, disk-based and query-based BI tools that deliver little more than static, prepackaged data. With QlikView, all your data is loaded in memory and available for instant associative search and real-time analysis with a few clicks.
Fast to Deploy, IT Efficient
QlikView breaks out of the gridlock of the traditional BI world, where business users and developers spend months documenting and coding these requirements into dashboards, analysis, and reports, using different products for each output. Pulling data into QlikView takes minutes because data is not required to be staged or stored in intermediary formats such as data warehouses or cubes (although QlikView can source data from these systems).
QlikView integrates both the building of the back-end underlying analytic calculations with the front-end user interface. With this complete BI solution, developers have one place to build, instead of having to use separate BI tools for dashboards, analysis and reports. Finally, the resulting QlikView application provides powerful associative search and data visualization capabilities that allow business users to view their own slice of the underlying data.
Visual Intelligence can build QlikView data models in as little as 1-15 working days (depending on availability of the data and complexity of the analytical application) to deploy to users and can train you to do the same.  Often one QlikView application can often replace hundreds of reports and the cubes used for them, reducing the need to IT support and time delays.
Why Qlikview?
Qlikview is a business intelligence tool par excellence. This software doesn’t just skim the surface to find meaningful information about your business. Instead, it mines your data and provides the deepest understanding possible. The result is boosted sales productivity and marketing return on income.
On top of this, it’s…
  • QUICK: Sophisticated analysis can be completed in days.
  • ADAPTABLE: Qlikview is an analytic chameleon, in the fact that it adapts to your environment. It works whether your data is stored in data warehouses or operational systems.
  • POWERFUL: Qlikview can analyse masses of information.
  • FLEXIBLE: The criteria of analysis can be modified in seconds.
  • USER-FRIENDLY: Reports produced by Qlikview are easy to digest. Reported information can include colour coding, graphs and tables, and can be delivered to you in Adobe, Excel and other Office formats.