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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 empowers people to anticipate and embrace change, enabling businesses to thrive. One system, one experience — all of your operating processes.
A powerful foundation that is purpose-built for five industries: manufacturing, distribution, retail, services, and public sector, along with comprehensive, core ERP functionality for financial, human resources and operations management. All packaged in a single global solution thus giving customers a rapid time to value.
Agility through a set of unified natural models that serve as a library of business processes reflecting real-world situations. This enables customers to easily modify their organizations and processes to meet their changing business needs.
Simplicity through an easy-to-use solution offering access to information that is relevant to the work at hand. The familiar Microsoft Office user interface drives adoption and the enhanced business intelligence (BI) capabilities help customers uncover fresh insights that can lead to faster and more informed decision making. 
Microsoft Dynamics AX is the most advanced ERP solution with the lowest total cost of ownership in the market today.  It is an object oriented ERP package, great for manufacturing and distribution, with out-of-the-box functionality such as multi-item dimensions, multi storage dimensions, and multi-language capability.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a flexible and scalable ERP solution that will take your business to the next level and give you the competitive advantage that you need to become a leader in your industry.
Why Microsoft Dynamics AX?
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX core strengths are in manufacturing and distribution. More than 60% of Microsoft Dynamics AX users are from these industries. 
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX allows you to share and update information across the company in real time, across multiple sites and in multiple countries. Microsoft Dynamics AX is an all-inclusive, company-wide ERP system that customizes to your business. 
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX is completely integrated from your platform up through the end-user business solutions applications. 
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX works like and with familiar Microsoft software, automating and streamlining business processes and connecting you with global customers, business partners and subsidiaries in a way that helps you drive business success. 
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX has fully integrated financials, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry in other areas of the business. Microsoft Dynamics AX provides greater insight into your finances and improves your ability to make the right decisions quickly. 
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX is an object oriented ERP solution that has the lowest total cost of ownership in the market. 
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX fits perfectly in the manufacturing industry with its multi-item dimensions capability, multi-storage capability, multi-language support and its open-source integrated development environment.