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BLUEs Fleet Management

Fleet management solution is designed for accounting of Company‘s transportation vehicles' fleet and management of fleet related operations.

Version MS Dynamics AX 2009.

BLUEs Fleet Management solution ensures the effective performance of day-to-day transportation vehicles' fleet related operations and is adjusted for accounting of fleet management of third parties servicing the Company. Additionally, it can be used in companies having their own transportation vehicles unit. The Fleet Management solution ensures the accounting of cargos shipment as well as the accounting of work hours of special equipment or machinery.


BLUEs Fleet Management is fully integrated with MS Dynamics AX and is respectively linked  with other system modules – General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets, etc. 



Fleet Management in MS Dynamics Ax consists of 1 Basic and 4 separate additional extensions:

Basic module

Ensures general functionality of vehicles fleet daily operations, including the accounting of fleet equipment (vehicles, special mechanisms, machinery, etc.) and materials and parts used for this transport/transport equipment. 

Additional extensions

  1. The additional extension, which includes Fuel accounting and Waybill functionality is recommended in case detailed information about fuel remainder in transport/transport equipment (vehicles, special mechanisms, machinery, etc.) is needed. This extension is also required to perform fuel write-off in terms of quantity and accountancy.
  2. Fleet Management enables „to collect“ distribution orders and information related from separate forms of MS Dynamics AX modules – Purchase orders, Sales orders, Transfer orders. The additional extension Tariffs is used in case of need to evaluate the prices of transport services (both cases – when transport services are provided or purchased) or to calculate the wages and extras of vehicle drivers depending on different vehicle types, routes.
  3. The extension of resource (equipment) planning matrix enables to perform the resource planning, allocation or reallocation of transport/transport equipment resources, applying the user-friendly interface.
  4. In case there is a requirement for more then one MS Dynamics AX companies to use Fleet Management solution, there is a possibility to apply the additional extension, which would ensure the distribution orders generation between unrestricted number of companies.


Main functions

The Basic module which includes the accounting of transportation vehicles, materials and parts, ensures general functionality of Fleet management add-on by linking fleet related information with corresponding MS Dynamics AX modules – General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, etc:
  • Fleet vehicles table provides information about transportation vehicles, their type, groups, brands, purpose, technical information (e.g. engine volume, odometer numbers, etc.) including information about valid technical inspection and vehicles’ insurance.
  • Fleet vehicles table enables to indicate all present vehicle’s appurtenances and their relations with the main vehicle, e.g. trailers, stationary or transferable equipment. The system also allows to indicate whether vehicle is rented from the third parties.
  • Fuel card list which indicates vehicles’ fuel information – type of fuel used, tank capacity (once it is indicated the system performs control function by fixing fuel infusions). Fuel card list also enables to monitor petrol station fuel infusion cards, which are linkeded with the appropriate transportation fleet vehicle.
  • Accounting of materials and parts allows the user to have the accounting and history of number, type of materials and parts used, their serial numbers, odometer numbers, to indicate the reasons for usage/change of parts.


The fuel accounting and waybills ensures the control and monitoring of fuel remainder by vehicle. This in turn provides for generation of the fuel write-offs. 

  • The system allows for input of separate fuel norms for summer and winter periods and automatic application of these norms to the periods determined.
  • There is an option of tailoring different fuel norms depending on the transportation vehicle’s type:
    • For the actual distance;
    • For the weight of cargo shipped;
    • For the hours worked;
    • Additional fixed fuel consumption;
    • For the actual distance shipping cargo;
    • Other.
  • While filling-in waybills, there is a possibility to track the fuel operations – i.e. to see fuel infusions and consumption in terms of fact and norms. System allows to see vehicle’s departure/arrival time.
  • Printing of waybills is easy. The copy (see pic.2) displays fleet’s vehicle, its route, the appurtenances if present, drivers, route points, odometer score, the actual distance (or hours worked), weight of cargo shipped, financial parameters (i.e. linkages with costs of particular department or other financial elements).

  • Automatical fuel write-off in the accounting 

 The Distribution orders/Tariffs enable to generate distribution orders from separate modules of Microsoft Dynamics AX. It allows to set different tariffs according to the vehicle, routes and drivers:

  • All the information about the transportation assignements can be automatically or manually collected from separate modules – Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable or Item Transfer (see pic.3). Distribution orders form shows how such order is generated, who is the Vendor or the Customer the cargo is transported to, the driver, vehicle, load/unload addresses.

  • Generation of a waybill directly from the distribution orders form (e.g. all distribution orders of one month period for one vehicle and driver).
  • Handy and user-friendly filtration of distribution orders by various criteria. The system enables to use the filtration criteria for distribution orders „selection“ based on different users setup.
  • Application of tariff setup allows to get financial evaluation of transport services provided/obtained.
  • Tariff setup provides a possibility to evaluate and calculate wages for drivers and (or) extras. 


Additionally, system allows to use Resource planner for the fleet time planning and reviewing. In case any plan corrections are required, the amendments can be made by user-friendly „drag and drop“ method using a mouse.