"Linas AGRO", (Plc.) project: business process optimization

Linas Agro and other companies belonging to Linas Agro Group are engaged into international trade of agricultural production, supply of goods for agricultural production, manufacturing and processing of agricultural products, and is the leader in this field.

Initial situation

Linas Agro AB and its affiliated companies have been using the Microsoft Dynamics AX system since 2002.
In 2010-2011 the company updates the system by implementing the latest version of MS Dynamics AX 2009. At the same time, business processes have been optimized, which have evolved from the initial implementation of the system.

What is done?

The following specific business processes have been realised in the system:
  • Contract trade in agricultural products and its detailed analytics.
  • Grain purchase management, and elevator performance processes. The system is used in the company owned grain elevators in Joniškis, Kėdainiai, Šiauliai and Vilkaviškis.
  • Debtors' analysis task.
  • SMS reminders to customers: regarding due payment period, overdue payments and other important messages.

Benefit to the client

  • The optimized system allows the company to track at the most detailed level the performance of international sales-purchase contracts, control the costs incurred, and analyze the profitability of contracts at different sections.
  • The system enables the company to carry out and control the processes from signing the purchasing contracts with grain growers to the final settlement with grain suppliers, as well as grain cleaning, drying, storage and selling processes.
  • Possibility to comprehensively assess the clients’ (agricultural growers) potential, their financial capacity, thus the decisions on trade credit limits can be taken according to the most objective information.
  • Increased efficiency of communication with the clients.