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This solution developed by Blue Solutions is designed for grain purchasing and processing companies, and manages all functions from signing the purchase contracts to delivering the finished product to a buyer.
MS Dynamics AX 2009 version.


Grain purchase contracts

  • Contract catalogue includes the type of contract and its validity date; the persons responsible; valid price list; purchase price discounts from assigned price list allowed to be made by a manager; name of the purchasable culture; purchasable amount and the percent of variation of quantity.
  • Contract management:  individual user rights can be set out for registration of receiving original contracts, contract approval; price list change, or change of the validity time.
  • Contract performance control. There are the following request windows, allowing you to view the contract performance: the amount purchased (in receipts, purchase orders and purchase PF) and unfulfilled amount. Contract performance can be monitored either by physical or registered weight.
  • Contract performance report. Purchasing Contract Performance Report. The report provides information on contracts, their validity period, performance and purchase price.

Catalogues in use

  • Contract Groups. Main settings for contracts, purchase price lists, delivery and payment terms can be made; series of group contract numbers can be assigned.

Grain purchase

  • Purchase implementation methods. Purchases can be made in own or other companies’ name.
  • Registration of purchases in grain elevator. Grain purchase in elevators is made by separately registering laboratory test and weighing journals. One laboratory test can be associated with an unlimited number of weightings.
  • Scale integrations. Possibility of integrating scales with Ax.
  • Acceptance documents. Printing Grain Acceptance Certificate from the Weighing Journal.
  • Automatic calculation of surcharges. Registered weight and amounts of recoveries surcharges are calculated by making the purchase receipts (form) according to the selected formulas.
  • Fast input of surcharges. If purchase is made in other companies’ elevators, there is a special form of fast input with the control of qualitative parameters, the possibility to enter amounts of physical/registered weight and surcharges provided by the elevator, or to calculate registered weight and surcharges.
  • Import / export of the purchase receipts. There is a possibility of importing/exporting purchasing receipt data using BLUEs OCTOPUS solution.
  • Contract performance approval. Purchasing contract can be assigned to Weighting or Laboratory Test Journals, but the final approval of the contract is made upon formation of the purchasing receipt. At this stage, there is a possibility to associate the quantity purchased with several purchasing contracts.
  • Grain purchase registration. Grain purchase is entered in the system through the purchasing orders; purchasing orders are created from the receipts form by using functions.
  • Purchasing documents. When performing purchases for your own company, grain purchasing invoices are printed out; grain purchasing receipts are printed out when purchasing on behalf of other companies.
  • Representing surcharges in documents. The possibility of including surcharges for quality improvement into the grains purchasing invoice, or providing in a separate purchasing document.

Catalogues in use

  • Catalogue of Qualitative Indicators.  There is a possibility of indicating numerical and qualitative (verbal) indicator values. Indicator may be set to be printed out in the Laboratory Tests Journal (Report) or grain purchasing invoice.
  • Laboratory catalogue. Analytical dimensions, warehouse, test number series and responsible persons can be attributed to Laboratory catalogue. If Laboratory belongs to the elevator unrelated with the company, it is possible to determine the control of entering the original grain purchasing receipt.
  • Scale catalogue. Name and address of scales is indicated. Scales are associated with one of the laboratories; the possibility of attributing the series of weighting and acceptance certificate numbers, and responsible persons.
  • Grain Cards. Grain cards are made up according to each culture and class.
  • Cleaning/Drying Service Cards: according to elevators, culture groups, and companies that are provided with the grain purchasing service.
  • Basic qualitative indicator sets by every Grain Card. There is a possibility of checking indicators which are required to be filled up. The possibility of indicating by elevators different min/max limits of indicator value, calculation formulas for the amount change and recoveries of unauthorized expenditure, and cleaning/drying service rates.
  • Suppliers’ catalogue. There are fields for entering grain suppliers potential and farm identification documents.

Other grain operations

  • Laboratory tests. Laboratory testing is mandatory for all grain operations. There is a possibility to indicate warehouses where testing is not required.
  • Transfers between warehouses. Possibility to perform tests and weightings, and associate them with the grain transfer to another storage location.
  • Grain sales. There is a possibility to perform tests and weightings, and associate them with the grain sales.

Elevator services

  • Service pricing. There is a possibility to determine rates for elevator services: receipt, storage, loading, paperwork. The rates may be indicated by elevators; companies on whose behalf the purchase is made; purchasable cultures; as well as intervals of rate validity dates.
  • Cleaning / Drying Certificate: Formation of cleaning/drying amounts; printouts of Cleaning/Drying Certificates.
  • Lot completion. Calculation of Lot Completion Certificates; printout of Lot Completion Certificate.


  • Weighting Journal
  • Laboratory Test Journal (10 indicators)
  • Form 36
  • Grain Operations with Qualitative Indicators. Report is similar to Form 36, only there is a possibility to select the appropriate indicators and their values for filtration.
  • Grain Purchase Report
  • Report of Cleaning / Drying Services  
  • Grain Acceptance Report including the amounts of provided services
  • Calculation of Storage Services
  • Grain Export Report.