The choice of „Blue solutions“ as MS Dynamics AX vendor was based on our prior experience in dealing with experts of this company in 2001, when the first implementation of the system was accomplished.
This time „Blue solutions“ was tasked with migration of original system to the MS Dynamics 2009 version both in the main company and in the doughter company „Baltwood“. Additionaly, new system was implemented in „Klaipėdos kartonas“ company, which also belongs to „Grigiškės“ corporate group.
We recommend „Blue solutions“ as the team of experienced professionals.



Vigmantas Kažukauskas
Business Development Director

Project in "Grigiškės" group of companies: MS Dynamics AX version updated and system implemented in "Klaipėdos kartonas"

Initial situation

The companies  AB “Grigiškės”, UAB “Baltwood”, and AB “Klaipėdos kartonas” form the ”Grigiškės” group of companies. AB Grigiškės is engaged in manufacturing and sales of paper and paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, and paper napkins), hardboard, corrugated cardboard and their products (packing boxes). Manufacturing and sales of wood and wood products (solid wood panels, garden sheds, wooden pallets, wood pellets) is carried out by UAB Baltwood. AB Klaipėdos Kartonas manufactures and sells cardboard and cardboard honeycomb.
Before starting the project, Microsoft Dynamics AX v.3.0 system has already been used by two Client’s companies (AB Grigiškės and UAB Baltwood). However, when AB Klaipėdos Kartonas was acquired, and it was decided to implement the above-mentioned system in this company, a resolution was taken to move to a new version of MS Dynamics AX2009. Also, it was decided to implement the management accounting of AB Klaipėdos Kartonas in the system.
What is done?
The following parallel processes were carried out:  upgrading to a new version of the system in the companies that already use it (AB Grigiskes and UAB Baltwood), and implementation of the new system in Klaipėdos Kartonas.

1. Transferring of the system modifications from AX v.3.0 to AX2009

Since the system had been used for quite a long time (eight years), by shifting to a new version the Client wanted to transfer only the changes (modifications) relevant for today, catalogue data and accounting balances.
  • Transferring of the system modifications from AX v.3.0 to AX2009 has been carried out according to the changed Client’s needs. Under the Client’s requirements, new modifications were developed in AX2009.
  • Possibility of using virtual (common to all companies) data has been realized.
  • Review of the catalogues used by Client’s group of the companies has been performed, and the reorganized catalogues were downloaded to AX2009.
  • Accounting balances of the companies for the start-up date were downloaded into the system.

 2. Implementation of the system

In AB Klaipėdos Kartonas, it was decided to carry out the implementation of the system by transferring the procedures, which are realized in the system used by Grigiškės, and by making the necessary adjustments (modifications) related to the company’s specific needs for production accounting. The following procedures have been implemented during the project performance:
  • For preparation of data at AB Klaipėdos Kartonas, special procedure were designed for the group of companies;
  • Specific production accounting procedures for AB Klaipėdos Kartonas.

Benefits to the customer

  • Similar group-wide management accounting procedures are guaranteed after implementation of the system to all companies belonging to the group.  
  • Now it is possible to analyze the data of all companies in the same dissections.
  • Upon implementing the uniform production cost formation principles, the financial performance indicators of the companies become comparable and easily consolidable.
  • Enabling the use of virtual data (common to all companies), it became possible to enter some data centrally, which resulted in savings of users work and increased control of the correctness of entered data.
  • Transition to the new version, i.e. MS Dynamics AX2009, enabled the Client to initiate a new system development project related to the planning of manufacturing operations and resource management.
  • With the new version it became possible to implement the functionalities relevant to the Client, which were realized in this version: inter-company trade, procurement applications and tenders.