We confirm herewith, that "Blue solutions" experts' team successfully accomlished implementation of MS DYNAMICS AX system in "Eoltas" Ltd., company. 
The system, which was implemented during the project provides for consolidated business planning, management and analysis as well as for the real time monitoring  and management of business processes in the company. The system was similarly installed in the remote subsidiaries and integrated with cash registers at the retail points of sales. At the meantime, the system is ongoing further expansion to the other companies belonging to our group in Latvia and Estonia.
We recommend "Blue solutions" Ltd., as the team of highly experienced experts and the trustworthy partner.


Marijus Montvilas
Director of IT Department

„EOLTAS“ Project: optimization of business processes and system inmplementation

Initial situation

UAB „Eoltas“ is a company engaged in wholesale and retail trade of spare parts and providing car-care services. The company has branches in major cities of the country, operates 13 trade centres and car-care network in Lithuania, Latvia and Russia. „Eoltas“ customers include spare parts stores, car-care services and car manufacturers’ authorized agents.
Due to the business specificity, „Eoltas“ needs to offer clients a wide range of stock. During the implementation of the project, its stock nomenclature included about 120 thousand active positions. Furthermore, since in the car spare parts business it is particularly important to be able to provide a buyer with a few analogues of auto parts, the total base of „Eoltas“ analogues auto parts is over 2 million items. Historically, each branch office looked after its own products and managed the related information. As the company was expanding, such type of information management became increasingly inconvenient and began to interfere with the smooth and timely performance of business obligations.
Statistical analysis of customer needs and seasonality is very important for the company’s procurement planning and human resource management. With about 20 retail stores (including car-care services) „Eoltas“ has a need to have a centralized system collecting data from points-of-sale and allowing their analysis.
Before the beginning of the project, the company had been installing a Lithuanian supplier’s program for more than two years, which was not completed due to the supplier's lack of resources, and an urgent decision was to be made to ensure business success. Despite the urgency, the client opted for MS Dynamics AX, and decided to carry out a project within the shortest possible time, but at the same time for its best practice in project implementation.
Project start date: February, 2010.
Project end date: July, 2011. The project was successfully transferred to the Service status.

What is done?

Following a detailed analysis of the situation Blue Solutions team carried out optimizing adjustments for „Eoltas“ business processes and the supporting system, created and integrated into the system the necessary modules extending functionality. The following work was provided for and completed:
  • Product analogue search system has been installed in the system. A single database was created for this purpose, which currently contains 2.2 million records.
  • Installation model was developed, which enables to easily connect new companies to the system. „Eoltas“ can use this model independently, without the assistance of IT services provider.
  • A unique planning tool for product procurement was developed, which allows assessing the trade history of 4-5 years, and planning the procurements according to the experience and trends.
  • Car-care centres management solution was developed and integrated into the system.
  • POS terminals were integrated into MS Dynamics AX system. Currently, 19 cash registers are integrated. Within 1-2 years, this number is planned to increase up to 50-60.
  • Data analytic tools (OLAP cubes) were installed and activated.

Benefits to the customer

  • From now on, the client can manage its rich knowledge base of products (products and analogues) centrally - it can be used and complemented by all related companies. From now on, „Eoltas“ also can centrally manage supply of spare parts for all related companies (branches). This significantly increased business timeliness and management accuracy.
  • The system is currently used by UAB „Eoltas“ branches in Vilnius, Šiauliai and Panevėžys. In the run of half year, the system is planned to be used by the companies in Klaipėda, Moscow and Latvia. Later, „Eoltas“ Lithuanian partners, working on a franchise basis, are planning to connect to the overall system. The system start-up in the newly connected companies has become simple and fully implemented without the installer’s assistance.
  • According to historical data, the system helps to assess the seasonality of individual products, analogue trade effects and many other factors, which allows significant optimization of storage balances, buying only what is most popular in circulation. This allows, on one hand, to reduce warehouse space, and, on the other hand, use warehouse space for storing more marketable products.
  • OLAP cubes allow obtaining and analyzing real time information from all companies operating in the single system, thus forecasting and planning becomes more precise, which in turn enables the company to operate more efficiently and be more competitive.