Projects in „Achema Group“: a system implementation in „Tango reklama“, and realization of permit issuance and sale functionality in „Budrus sakalas“

Concern „Achema Group“ is one of the largest company groups in Lithuania, which unites more than 30 companies operating in the fields of chemistry, transport and stevedoring, food industry, trade, energy, engineering, project, repair, financial operations, hospitality, health and entertainment, media and advertising.
Microsoft Dynamics AX system has been implemented in more than 10 companies of the Concern (including the largest ones like AB Achema, UAB Agrochema, AB Klaipėdos Jūrų krovinių kompanija), which is planned to be implemented gradually in other companies of the Concern. In addition, the system is constantly being developed in the companies by expanding and integrating their processes in the system.

What is done?

In 2011, MS Dynamics AX has been installed in „Tango reklama“ and functionality of permit issuance and sale has been realized in „Budrus sakalas“ Company, which uses the system.

1. Implementation of MS Dynamics AX in „Tango reklama“

„Tango reklama“ is an advertising representative for a number of radio stations. Requirements for the company's accounting come from the group requirements and the company's specific needs for internal analysis. Implementation of the system in „Tango reklama“ was decided to be carried out by transferring the procedures realized in the system to the companies of the Concern, and by making the necessary adjustments related to the company’s specific needs for business analysis. The following has been carried out during the project:
  • Review of the company group-wide procedures has been carried out in conjunction with the Client's responsible staff, and decisions made on their application to the company‘s needs without violating the Concern’s requirements for accounting.
  • Blue Solutions team has prepared a system on the basis of the cases used in the Concern’s companies, and downloaded „Tango reklama“ data and balances for the start-up work with the system.
  • Users were trained to work with the system procedures before starting to work with the system.

2. Implementation of permit issuance and sale functionality in the company „Budrus sakalas“

MS Dynamics AX system has been installed in „Budrus sakalas“ through the efforts of the Concern’s IT office staff. The procedures standardized by the Concern have been implemented in the system. With the arising need to extend the system’s functionality for issuing and selling permits in the terminals of Klaipėdos Jūrų krovinių kompanija , Blue Solutions team was entrusted to do this work. The following have been made during the project implementation:
  • Entering data necessary for permits in the system.
  • Printing permits from the system.
  • Sale of permits by bank transfer and through cash registers.
  • Analysis of permit data.

Benefits to the customer

  • Equal group-wide accounting procedures are guaranteed during installation of the system to the companies of the Group. Following this principle, the process of implementation becomes simple, fast and relatively inexpensive, while increase in the Client's internal administration work is negligible.
  • When all companies keep their data in the same database using the same procedures and the same data dissection, data analysis becomes simple on the group level. Even if external tools are used for data analysis, creating the reports for each company is not required.
  • MS Dynamics AX selected by a Client allows creating solutions, which are not provided for by the manufacturer (e.g. permit issuance and sale). In the development of new solutions, Blue Solutions team tries as much as possible to integrate solutions with the standard functionality of the system, which ensures the Client the analysis of any company’s data by its data analysis tools.