The project in Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant: adjustment of business processes during change of the company's business nature

Initial situation

Since 2003, the records of State Enterprise Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant business processes have been kept on Microsoft Dynamics AX platform. At the end of 2009, during preparatory works of closing the second reactor and due the resulting change of the company’s business nature, the reporting requirements changed respectively. This meant a change of the main classifiers and the need for new processes, such as procurement and budget administration control. Therefore, the power plant initiated a new project and entrusted it to Blue Solutions.

Scope of the project activities

After implementing the project, MS Dynamics AX v3.0 was replaced with a newer AX 2009 version, by transferring and extending the functionality of the existing system. The new version includes all accounting processes that have been carried out in the system before. In addition, the system was prepared and optimized according to the new needs of the State Enterprise Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant and the updated system’s capabilities, features and functions:
  • Reporting according to the projects, including the project hierarchy
  • Reporting according to the planned and actual indicators of goods, services, and subcontractors
  • Implementation of the procurement process chain (plan-> tender-> contract-> order-> receipt-> invoice registration) with the budget control functionalities*
  • Implementation of cash flow movement with the budget control functionality*
*BLUEs Procurement solution was used for procurement control, and BLUEs Funds solution – for implementation of budget administration control.

Benefits to the client

  • State Enterprise Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant is working with the latest system version supported by the manufacturer.
  • The system prepared for the State Enterprise Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant meets the needs of this enterprise.