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Personnel accounting solution for collecting and processing information about the company‘s employees.

MS Dynamics AX 2009 version.


Employee’s personal card

The employee‘s card contains information about an employee and his/her family members:
  • Employee‘s personal information (passport, social insurance certificate, driver's license, contact information, etc.);
  • Information about recruitment, appointments/transfers and changes in salary, training courses, granting of leaves, dismissal;
  • Information about family composition; information about employee’s and his/her family members’ disability;
  • Information about education, professional experience, certificates, language skills;
  • Other information;
  • Possibility of saving the scanned documents related to the employee.

Accounting of the orders

  • Recruitment
  • History on employee’s transfers (change in position and/or structural unit)
  • Orders for granting leave
  • Business trip orders
  • Dismissal from work

Order accounting printouts

Orders related to recruitment, termination/extension of the employment contract, business trips (single or group), training, unpaid leave, dismissal from work, and etc.
Employment contract, its changes and other related printouts
Employment contract, its annexes, full liability agreement, trade secret document, referral for the primary health insurance, application on the frequency of wage payment.
Versatile document text configuration tool
A card index for certificate texts. Order accounting printouts are based on MS Word and MS Excel templates. During order printing the desired text is selected, the respective MS Word file is automatically opened and data is transferred; possibility to rename the document and to save with the order.
Detailed accounting of leave, unused leaves balance calculation and display on the report
  • Annual leave
  • Work years leave
  • Leave for special nature of works
  • Leave for hazardous working conditions
  • Study leave
  • Other
Accounting for employee’s personal protection equipment
There is a possibility to specify the required personal protection equipment. Personal protection equipment card for each employee can be printed.
Employees’ health checks accounting
A card index of harmfulness. A card index of employees’ medical checks. There is the possibility to assign harmful conditions to the position. Printout - when and who should go for health checks.
Employee's assets under management
Employee’s assets under management (AUM) consist of the following: tangible and/or current assets, low-value inventory, etc.  There is a possibility to transfer the assets to another employee; delivery and acceptance certificate can be printed. During dismissal procedure, control is carried out whether an employee returned the company's assets; a settlement card is printed.

Other printouts / data in electronic form

  • Personal card.  Information about an employee, his/her education, military record data, previous workplaces, etc.
  • Employee certificate.
  • Employees’ lists. The lists of recruited, dismissed, minors employees, employees’ birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
  • Statistical reports. The personnel by age, education, work years, categories, and movements.

Reports to the State Social Insurance Fund

1-SD, 2-SD, 9-SD