Project at "LITAGRA" group: optimization and consolidation of accounting and management processes at  three big grain processing companies  

Initial situation

Before the beginning of the system installation project all of these companies were using the different systems:  companies in Tauragė and Marijampolė – EDRANA, and companies in Joniškis and Kėdainiai – self-designed and developed system. The project has become a serious challenge for Blue Solutions' installation team and programming group. The above-mentioned companies have installed MS Dynamics AX 2009 system without the process manufacture module; as a result Blue Solutions was looking for a solution to basically create the missing functionality of the system.

Scope of the project activities

  • A number of the following important processes have been optimised: signing contracts with farmers, grain reception (including laboratory operations), entering the results into the system, weighing (determining actual and registered weigh), the subsequent relationships with a farmer (grain reception for storage, invoicing for the cleaning, drying and other services), grain accounting in bins and grain accounting according to the owners.
  • Elevator management processes, which in turn are integrated into one management system, will run in these companies’ seven elevators put in different locations. 
  • In order to optimize the feed and flour production process management in Joniškis and Kėdainiai Companies, there has been developed and implemented supply chain management solution covering all processes from sales order acceptance to its completion and delivery to customers. 
  • Our manufacturing process optimization solution is combined with a company’s manufacturing equipment dosing system. 
  • With the launch of the new system, four processes of separate companies was equalized, and therefore made it possible to combine them into a single management structure. 
  • The sale processes have been optimized. The above-mentioned processes in these plants are distinguished by their complexity, because products and goods are sold not only to wholesalers, but also directly to farmers. Sales managers are involved in coordination of the sales and manufacturing processes, and sales coordinators monitor them; later, the plan is transferred to manufacture by automated way. 
  • Warehouse management processes have been optimized by connecting the scanned data. These solutions have been realized through MS Dynamics AX Warehouse Management module. 
  • The transport management has been optimised.  This task was solved through MS Dynamics AX Transportation Planning module, incorporated with external transportation management system, which plans routes and vehicle distribution in them, and performs other functions.

 Benefits for the client

  • Signing grain purchase contracts with farmers is available on-line. 
  • One system enables you to analyze activities of all entities by equal dissections, which is vital in order to make optimal managerial decisions. 
  • Supply chain management solution enables to pre-plan the production, distribution, logistics, warehouse operations and other related processes. This solution helps optimize the supply chain processes not only in grain processing companies in Joniškis and Kėdainiai, but partially also in the related and clients’ companies. 
  • From now on, the companies will be able to monitor and control in real time the manufacturing and raw material indicators, follow the manufacturing process by lots, keep product records and perform other necessary functions. 
  • The new system manages warehouse locations, offers where to put shipments brought to warehouses, and where from the shipments should be taken to deliver them to client.