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Procurement management, organization of supply and control are business processes found in every company. Timely decisions in procurement, summarising of procurement applications, and analysis of needs, transparency and timeliness help companies save money and operate more efficiently.  After installing the procurement control system, the companies save up to 10-20% of the cost for low valued inventory and maintenance tools.

BlueS Procurement solution developed by the Blue Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX system allows managing the procurement process from the identification of the procurement demand to the signing the contract with a supplier and its execution, keeping records of the tenders' results, recording and comparing the offers received from suppliers, as well as analyzing the history and tracking the efficiency of procurements. The solution facilitates the daily activities relating to the procurement organization, and provides opportunities for better procurement control.
MS Dynamics AX 2009 version


Procurement applications

  • Application for ordering materials. Company employees enter the need for goods/services in the system.  There is a possibility of specifying codes, descriptions, required amount, preliminary price, dates, dimensions and other relevant information of goods/services.
  • Analysis and confirmation of material requirements. An employee responsible for the supply analyses and revises the offers. The procurement method (inquiry, tender, or direct procurement, etc.) is determined and specified for the executable applications. If direct procurement without tender is intended to be carried out, supplier can be automatically assigned, and procurement order created.
  • The applicant can monitor the status of his/her application, and follow the status and changes of rows.

Procurement tenders

  • Creating of procurement tender. If the tender for materials or services is announced, the system creates an entry for a new tender, the information of which - description, date, responsible staff - should be indicated. Application rows form the tender rows, and the specified information is entered.
  • Supplier's invitation to take part in the tender. A variety of scenarios can be used when particular suppliers, who are sent an inquiry or whom an open tender is announced, are inquired or invited to tender, and offers from different suppliers are expected.
  • Publishing of the tenders on the Web: a way of exchanging information about the tender by publishing the information on the website and by enabling suppliers to submit their offers.
  • Entering tender offers into the system: offers submitted by suppliers or offers completed on the Web portal (prices, discounts, dates and specifications of them) are entered into the Table of tender offers. The responsible employee analyzes and compares the received offers, and makes decisions - rejects, approves, or enrols into an additional stage.
  • Transferring the selected offers into the next stage (round of negotiations). Functionality allows preparing the selected suppliers and their offers for the next stage. The procedure can be continued until the best result of the offer price is achieved. The best offers are confirmed and transferred for execution - for contracts or purchase orders.
  • This solution is linked with following solutions from Blue Solution: BLUEs Contracts intended for contract management, and BLUEs Budget - for budget control.