Functional add-ons

Systems that you use in your business are standard, the so called of horizontal functionality, and non-standard – of vertical functionality. Horizontal functionality means that the system in use covers a wide range of functionality, i.e. is more standard, and required for the entire wide horizon of business companies. However, rare business is completely standard; specific business processes often require specific solutions or specific systems for their management.  These are the so-called vertical solutions.
A standard system will never be very convenient and/or have all the necessary functionalities, since it is intended for everyone, i.e. is universal. Every implementer, performing plenty of projects, develops convenient functionalities that are necessary every day and that extend capabilities of the standard system, makes it more convenient, more flexible and simply wider.
Blue Solutions is a company of skilled professionals; expertise, experience and attention for a client are the key features of our mission. We strive to provide our clients-partners with the highest possible value, created by our own experiences and attitudes. We also seek to meet all the needs of our clients related to their business processes and their management. We accumulate knowledge and thus develop knowledge-based solutions or simply useful functional add-ins to make your systems more convenient and more suited to your business processes.
It may often happen that the system being demonstrated to the client by “Blue solutions” looks different from what a standard version looks like, as there are more functions, options, and features.
Here we introduce our add-ons that the standard system does not have. They include the system’s verticality, specificity and convenience.  We constantly improve and update our extensions by releasing new versions. Together with our customers, we are ready to develop new specific solutions or system improvements. Putting together your and our knowledge, we can do much more!