We recommend MS DYNAMICS AX system as technologically advanced and flexible isntrument, providing for automation of complex business procceses.  The system has programming tools, that we use with great success for it‘s further independent development.

To implement  and maintain the system  correctly,  a company should hire a team of experienced professionals. That‘s why we have chosen „Blue solutions“ to be our strategic partners.

Recently we have accomplished ou new joint project – implementation of HR, work time accounting, and payroll calculation and management  solutions on MS DYNAMICS platform.

We recommend „Blue solutions“ Ltd., as a trustworthy partner,  capable of successful accomplishment of the most  intricate tasks.


Haroldas Jasėnas
IT Director

Construction and engineering

Construction and engineering companies are unified by a common goal – they are striving for foreign markets. The foreign markets set high standards for quality and management and it becomes a problem, which companies did not experience several years ago while working only in the Lithuanian markets.  Just in time is the first requirement made by any foreign customer, since the storage services are expensive and they can be optimized at the current level of industrial development. Unfortunately, not all of our companies can meet this seemingly simple requirement. This is related to their primitive planning tools and outdated traditions. The days, when a foreman or an engineer was able to keep the entire project in mind or on paper and to plan in such a way, have long gone. Everyone, who does not want to change, will be overtaken by others.
With implementation of such high standards, company’s value and its ability to implement larger and more expensive projects increases significantly. The company also experiences less risk due to possible non-implementation of them. It enables the company to increase the project success rates.
The companies of both of these groups are also unified by the fact that Project Management is a fundamental business process both in construction and engineering companies. Project management culture now is coming to our country – its strict but fair methods are applied by more and more companies which begin to incorporate the project responsibilities into the company's general production plan, and to manage procurements, production and deliveries to customers.
The technologies now allow very rapid development of project proposals, enable the companies editing and recalculating them easy, as well as to plan works, monitor their performance, control progress, forecast the problems, provide visual information to customers, and increase performance effectiveness and efficiency by using mobile devices.
Blue Solutions has extensive experience in working with some of Lithuania's largest construction and engineering companies. Works are being continued; new products and new ideas are being applied. Now a few works are being carried out in foreign countries.
We are a project-based organization - where else you will find understanding and experience? We have achieved the highest success rates for all of our projects. By working together we can help you achieve that as well.