Agro-business is a traditional industry sector in Lithuania. Upon entering the European Union we found out that our agricultural products are of good quality, traditional, interesting and marketable. It turns out that we grow a lot of high-quality grain, as well as high-quality livestock, which can be sold not only in Europe.

Nevertheless, in order to enter the foreign markets and establish oneself in them, larger production quantities and greater productivity is required. In addition, the quality requirements for manufactured and exported products are extremely high.
Agricultural producers and processors, who have faced with the actual demands, are looking for possibilities to optimize their business and raise it to a new qualitative level.
We are particularly pleased that our partners include even almost 80% of companies which process and trade grain, and which offer mixed services. Our joint work with partners has enabled us to create and develop specialized tasks in order to solve the problems. What previously seemed difficult and complex for customers now seems simple and fast. This allows us to provide offers, carry out orders, and most importantly, raise labour productivity, which is still a major problem for agricultural processors, rapidly, precisely and measurably.
Experience in the process production and its planning will enable food producers to manage processes optimally, and to meet the requirements of EU and other foreign markets at the same time.
A new area where we hope to build up competence is crop production. Partners are invited to discuss problems, find innovative solutions and implement them in order to ensure business success.  
Let’s not wait until we are surpassed by foreign competitors or neighbour countries, let's be flagmen of our field.