The choice of „Blue solutions“ as MS Dynamics AX vendor was based on our prior experience in dealing with experts of this company in 2001, when the first implementation of the system was accomplished.
This time „Blue solutions“ was tasked with migration of original system to the MS Dynamics 2009 version both in the main company and in the doughter company „Baltwood“. Additionaly, new system was implemented in „Klaipėdos kartonas“ company, which also belongs to „Grigiškės“ corporate group.
We recommend „Blue solutions“ as the team of experienced professionals.


Vigmantas Kažukauskas
Business Development Director


Lithuanian manufacturing sector, which is small on a global scale, is distinguished by a low cost. At the same time, low costs of the Lithuanian products are consistent with high quality. With these characteristics in the world, you can always find markets for your goods and products.
The manufacturing sector is facing two problems in finding new markets abroad - save costs so that the product prices would be reasonable and competitive for partners, and keep discipline dictated by partners. Currently, the industrial companies, which think about the future, focus their efforts on these problems.
Manufacturing planning process (MP), entire supply chain management (SCM) and purchase control are fundamental processes, the optimization of which will let the company to reach the required performance indicators, increase labour productivity, and find opportunities for further development and adaptation to the requirements of foreign partners.
We accumulate our skills and solutions, and work with different types of manufacturing companies. Lean Manufacturing, Process Manufacturing, Discrete and Project-based Manufacturing are concepts that we are well aware of and focus on continuously. Processes in the manufacturing company, their optimization and control are our strategic direction.
We feel that the manufacturing sector is recovering, and that more and more companies are interested and work with us not only in the manufacture management, but also in resource management field, and optimize the planning processes. We are confident that after the crisis, our partner manufacturing companies will be ready for strong burst, because they will gain the potential when their competitors will not be focusing on development.
We invite you to join the leaders.