The choice of „Blue solutions“ as MS Dynamics AX vendor was based on our prior experience in dealing with experts of this company in 2001, when the first implementation of the system was accomplished.
This time „Blue solutions“ was tasked with migration of original system to the MS Dynamics 2009 version both in the main company and in the doughter company „Baltwood“. Additionaly, new system was implemented in „Klaipėdos kartonas“ company, which also belongs to „Grigiškės“ corporate group.
We recommend „Blue solutions“ as the team of experienced professionals.



Vigmantas Kažukauskas
Business Development Director

Corporate groups

Corporate groups are business groups made of different companies that must be managed co-ordinately, taking into account not only needs of an individual company, but also to the common interests of the group as a whole. This is to be accomplished by planning on the group level, and through well-thought interoperations. Such structures are very complex, because business groups often iclude companies operating in different and sometimes even completely incompatible businesses. The concentration of capital is a continuoust and ongoing process. It indicates the overall strength of country's economy in the European context. Such groups can compete successfully in foreign markets or provide a wide range of services in Lithuania, ensuring a continuous growth due to diversification of businesses.

Implementation of projects in company groups is one of the ”Blue solutions’” usual activities. Many of the known corporate groups are our clients and partners. Our experience and skills acquired enable us to construct business processes not only vertically but horizontally as well, in a way that processes are optimized both on the company and on the group level, by bringing together experience of the most advanced companies of the group, creating synergy which provide a very strong impulse for business development.
Modern technologies, systems and experience allows us to assist company groups treating them not as a combination of separate entities, but as a well-balanced ecosystem, in which particular attention is payed to how companies determine each other activities in the quest of overall group objectives.
It has become common to us to form joint process optimization and system implementation commands; with the insight and experience synthesis we can easily find solutions for business process optimization.
This kind of projects, that we carried out, are very complex and intricated, but none of them ended in failure; our clients are satisfied with the results and plan to further extend cooperation with us. Company groups as well as their processes and systems are like living organisms, which require regular maintenance, changes and optimization.
Together with you we are ready to increase your business value and create a framework for its further successful development.